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Groundwater Science

The mission of the Water Survey's Groundwater Science section is to conduct research, collect and analyze data, provide public service on groundwater issues important to the citizens of Illinois, and to serve as the state’s primary repository of groundwater records and data. This is accomplished through the development and application of appropriate scientific methods and techniques to improve our understanding of the natural processes and human-induced impacts affecting the occurrence, movement, quantity, and quality of the state’s groundwater resources.

The Groundwater Section also works with other Water Survey programs as appropriate in the study of larger hydrological and biogeochemical systems. Results of all data collection efforts and investigations are disseminated to the public in a timely manner through a wide variety of formats.

In addition to the Groundwater Section's current activities and programs, an archive of past Groundwater Section projects is also available. 

Kelly and Li Taking a Water Quality Sample of a Spring Outlet in Galena, Illinois

(above) Walt Kelly and visiting scholar Dr. Zhiping Li taking a water quality sample of a spring outlet in Galena, Illinois. (2017)

ISWS Employee Devin Mannix takes a well sample for water quality analysis, 2015

Hydrogeologist Devin Mannix collecting a sample for water quality analysis at a public water system facility in the Middle Illinois water supply planning region. (2015)

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