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Kane County Groundwater Monitoring Network

Groundwater is the primary source of water for communities and homeowners in Kane County. Demands on the aquifers may increase in the coming decades as communities grow and suburbs continue to expand westward away from Chicago. In 2017, the Sugar Grove Water Authority partnered with the Illinois State Water Survey to establish a shallow groundwater monitoring well network in Sugar Grove Township.

Starting in 2023, Kane County has funded the continuation of the Sugar Grove Township monitoring network and expansion of the network countywide. This network will monitor water levels in the major sand and gravel and shallow bedrock aquifers (Silurian Dolomite and Galena-Platteville dolomites) throughout the county and will allow for assessment of seasonal and long-term trends. This countywide network will also serve as locations to collect groundwater quality samples and will assist in long-term water supply planning. It is anticipated that the countywide network will be fully established by the end of 2026. 

The following wells are equipped with real-time data. Click on a well to view the hydrograph and download the data. 

Real Time Monitoring Wells

Sugar Grove Township


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