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Data Management and Outreach Services

Data Management and Outreach Services

Water and Atmospheric Resources Monitoring Program (WARM) Home Page

Data Management and Outreach Services houses water survey data, metadata, and more. This section combines the information groups from the Groundwater and Watershed Science Centers and the WARM program from the Office of the Director. This section provides a well integrated and long-lasting data and information group at the Water Survey, ultimately leading to focused research in priority areas and reducing the management responsibilities of senior managers, so they can focus on research and collaboration between sections.

A key element of the Data Management and Outreach Services program is the Water and Atmospheric Resources Monitoring Program (WARM) program. WARM coordinates data collection activities of several monitoring efforts conducted by the Illinois State Water Survey, measuring the water and atmospheric resources of Illinois. The program includes various statewide observation networks on Illinois climate, surface water, groundwater, in-stream sediment, and soil moisture conditions. Access the WARM website using the homepage icon at right to read more about WARM, browse the various data networks, review current weather and agricultural information, or download a copy of the Illinois Water and Climate Summary (IWCS).

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