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Due to projected growth of the population and economy, Illinois could require 20 to 50 percent more water in coming decades. Ensuring adequate and reliable supplies of clean water for all users at reasonable cost requires us to think ahead into the near future. As a state, we need to know how much water will be available, how much water we will need, what the options are for providing additional supplies, reducing demand, and what the impacts and costs will be.

Since 2006 the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) has funded the Illinois State Water Survey to lead regional water supply planning activities. Eleven planning regions have been defined throughout the state. Planning activities have been conducted in the Kaskaskia River Basin, East Central Illinois Basin, and Northeastern Illinois regions. Planning activities are currently being conducted for the Middle Illinois Basin and Kankakee Watershed regions. Future water supply planning will be conducted in the remaining regions.

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