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Watershed Science

The mission of the Water Survey's Watershed Science Section is to generate historical and spatial scientific data, investigate and understand watershed processes, and to provide high quality scientific and engineering analyses to policymakers, planners, and resource managers in the state of Illinois and beyond so that they can develop and implement sustainable watershed programs based on the best scientific and engineering analyses possible. 

The Watershed Science team is led by Dr. Momcilo Markus.


Related Research Programs

  • Watershed Science staff gather data that helps assess the state's Drought conditions and vulnerability, along with the Illinois State Climatologist, and participate in drought planning activities
  • Illinois Water Inventory Program (IWIP) conducts a statewide inventory of water use and withdrawals. The priority is to develop and maintain a database of high-capacity water wells and intakes from public water supplies, self-supplied industries, irrigation, fish and wildlife, and conservation.

Illinois State Water Survey

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