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ISWS/ISGS Sediment Materials Laboratory

The ISWS/ISGS Sediment Materials Laboratory provides a variety of analyses for sediment. Sediment characteristics provide valuable information about sediment transport, erosion, geological history and engineering. Sample analysis is available for University of Illinois staff and researchers, external researchers, and the public. 

Methods of Analysis

  • suspended sediment concentration
  • unit weight + density + moisture content
  • particle size distribution by dry sieve
  • particle size distribution by wet sieve
  • particle size distribution by pipette
  • particle size distribution by hydrometer
  • particle size distribution by laser diffraction
  • particle size distribution by x-ray diffraction


To see current internal prices for analysis, click the link below.

Sediment samples being filtered to determine suspended sediment concentration.

hydrometers original

Hydrometer analysis of sediment samples.


Kim Attig, +1 217 333 1840
Laura Keefer, +1 217 333 3468

Kim running Mastersizer

Laser diffraction analysis using a Malvern Mastersizer 3000.

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