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Vibrocoring is an effective method for obtaining samples from thick sediment deposits. Vibrocoring produces a relatively undisturbed core with sufficient volume to satisfy the needs of almost any combination of laboratory analyses. The vibrocoring system is a model P-3c manufactured by Rossfelder Corporation of Ponway, California. The vibrocoring unit is submersible, weighs 150 pounds, and is powered by a three phase, 240-volt 60Hz generator. For the core tube the Water Survey system utilizes a 10-foot section of schedule 5 black iron pipe with a diameter of 4inches and lined with a HDPE liner. Cores can be split horizontally and processed for chemical and biological characteristics.


Vibrocore rig on water

The vibrocore rig consists of an 18’ tetrapod structure mounted on a 23’ pontoon boat.

A winch/cable system is utilized for raising and lowering the vibrohead through a moonpool in the deck of the pontoon boat.

Tech with core split horizontally

A 10’ sediment core split horizontally in order to subsample various sediment layers.

Split Core

A split sediment core showing contrast between silt and sand layers.



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