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Quarterly Monitoring of the Vermilion River near Pontiac, IL

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Kip Stevenson

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Kip Stevenson


Livingston County Environmental Association

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Wastewater Treatment Plant Discharge


The Pontiac Wastewater Treatment Operation (POTW) discharges to the Vermilion River near Pontiac, IL. Currently the POTW receives leachate collected from the Livingston County Landfill operated by American Disposal Services of Illinois Inc. Area residents wish to determine whether this mixed wastewater stream is adequately treated within the POTW to avoid discharge of contaminants to the Vermilion River. This monitoring is being conducted to enable Livingston County Environmental Association (LCEA) to establish current conditions and to assess any current or potential impacts to water quality in the Vermilion River due to effluent discharge from the POTW, whether now or in the future.

Quarterly sampling is conducted for numerous analytic constituents at three locations:

Upstream Vermilion River (above the WWTP outfall)

Upstream Vermilion River

Wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall (before it enters the Vermilion River)

Wastewater Treatment Plant Flume

Downstream Vermilion River (below WWTP outfall)

Downstream Vermilion River

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