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The Water Survey has special technical expertise in hydrologic, atmospheric, chemical, and watershed studies including monitoring and data collection; analyses, assessment and research; modeling; reconstruction, and rehabilitation and restoration. Listed below are several current and recent past projects involving stream and watershed monitoring.

Sediment and Nutrient Monitoring at Selected Watersheds within the Kaskaskia River Watershed for Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)

The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) was initiated as a joint federal/state program with the goal of improving water quality and wildlife habitat in the Illinois and Kaskaskia River basins. Based on numerous research and long-term data in the Illinois River basin, the two main causes of water quality and habitat degradations in major river corridors were known to be related to sedimentation and nutrient loads.

Quarterly Monitoring of the Vermilion River Near Pontiac Illinois

This monitoring is being conducted to enable Livingston County Environmental Association (LCEA) to establish current conditions and to assess any current or potential impacts to water quality in the Vermilion River due to effluent discharge from the POTW, whether now or in the future.

Hydrologic and Nutrient Monitoring for the Lake Decatur Watershed

Lake Decatur is the water supply reservoir for the City of Decatur. The reservoir was created in 1922 by impounding the flow of the Sangamon River in east-central Illinois, has a surface area of 4.4 square miles, and maximum storage capacity of 28,000 acre-feet (9,125 million gallons). Total water withdrawal from the lake currently averages 39 million gallons per day ...

Upper Sangamon River Watershed Monitoring for the USEPA Targeted Watershed Study

The ISWS Surface Water Hydrology and Hydraulics section established four streamgaging stations in selected tributaries in Macon and Champaign Counties to monitor streamflow and nutrients for the Agricultural Watershed Institute (AWI). AWI received a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to conduct the Upper Sangamon River Targeted Watershed Project (USRTWP) to address ...

Surface Water and Sediment Sampling to Evaluate Lone Tree Creek Pollution Event

To collect surface water and sediment samples to evaluate the pollution event that impacted Lone Tree Creek, McLean Co., Illinois, in September 2010.

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