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Illinois Climate Network: Station Metadata: Stelle

The Stelle weather station is situated in an open area 0.4 km (0.25 mi) southwest of the small community of Stelle in northern Ford County. Stelle is located on County Road 3800N between County Roads 1600E and 1700E. The terrain surrounding the weather tower is slightly rolling. Wind flow to the tower is not greatly affected by the small hills that surround it. One- and two-story homes in the community of Stelle are located 380 to 580 m from the northeast to the east-northeast of the weather tower. The nearest farmstead is 850 m southwest of the tower. Other farmsteads are located to the west-northwest (850 m), southeast (1,500 m), and west (more than 200 m). A 3-m-tall water sanitation plant is located approximately 60 m south-southeast of the tower. Deciduous windbreaks and trees are located 225 m north-northwest and 300 m north of the tower. The height of these windbreaks is approximately 10 m. However, they have little effect on wind flow at the tower because the distance exceeds more than 20 times their height.

The station was moved on 7/10/2013 10:00 CST to a location one hundred feet from the original site.

Latitude: ------- Longitude: ------- Altitude: 211 m

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