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Illinois Climate Network: Background

The Illinois Climate Network (ICN) monitors weather and soil conditions at 19 stations across Illinois. In operation since the late 1980s, ICN provides current and long-term data on numerous parameters including:

  • Air temperature,
  • Relative humidity,
  • Wind speed and direction,
  • Solar radiation,
  • Precipitation,
  • Soil temperature, and
  • Soil moisture.
Measurements are taken from every 10 seconds to once an hour and averaged for the hour and day. Shallow groundwater wells are co-located at the stations. Potential evapotranspiration and dew point temperatures are calculated. The wide range of parameters measured at each station provides a more complete understanding of conditions and their effects. ICN data provide valuable information on extreme and usual weather events, as well as short and long-term trends in climate data, which may have future direct impacts on other water resources of Illinois.

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