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Illinois Climate Network: Station Metadata: Fairfield

The Fairfield station is located in Wayne County on the campus of Frontier Community College on the west edge of Fairfield just north of U.S. 45. The tower is located on sloping ground with a southwest exposure. North of the weather tower at 15 m is an open lattice tower that is 50 m tall. Farther north at 30 m is a row of deciduous trees that extends 1,000 m to the north. Young deciduous trees less than 10 m tall are located 70 m northeast and 65 m east of the tower. To the northeast, 300 m from the tower, there is a forest of mature deciduous trees more than 10 m tall. To the southeast are some small buildings at 325 m and mature deciduous trees at 225 m. Deciduous trees are also located south of the tower at 135 and 190 m. The main college building is located 105 m southwest of the tower, and a commercial building is located 225 m west of the tower. In 1993, a one-story building was constructed approximately 50 m southwest of the tower. The most open area is to the northwest of the tower where a small deciduous tree less than 4 m tall is located 15 m from the tower and an old silo at 190 m. Extending 1,000 to 1,500 m beyond the trees to the northeast, east, and southeast is the town of Fairfield. To the south, southwest, west, northwest, and north are scattered buildings and deciduous trees.

Latitude: ------- Longitude: ------- Altitude: 136 m

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