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Illinois Climate Network: Station Metadata: Dixon Springs

The Dixon Springs station is located in Pope County just north of the University of Illinois Dixon Springs Agricultural Center's main buildings and 100 m east of Illinois 145 between Glendale on Illinois 147 and Dixon Springs on Illinois 146. The terrain surrounding the Dixon Springs station is rolling and hilly. The nearest mature trees are located 170 m north, 115 m northeast, 30 to 56 m east, 53 to 85 m southeast, 70 m south, 65 m southwest, 1,500 m west, and 375 m northwest of the weather tower. Buildings obstruct the wind flow to the tower from the east, south, and west. The buildings to the east are located 58 m from the tower, while those to the south are 63 m away, and those to the west are 220 m away. The buildings closest to the tower are all less than 4 m tall. A small spruce planting is located in a line from 58 m west of the tower to 80 m northwest of the tower.

Latitude: ------- Longitude: ------- Altitude: 165 m

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