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Illinois Climate Network: Station Metadata: DeKalb

The De Kalb weather station tower is located 40 m east of the farm manager's home on the University of Illinois Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center. The research center is located 8 km (5 mi) north of U.S. 30 on University Road. The land surrounding the De Kalb weather tower is flat and open in all directions except from the west through north-northwest. In this quadrant, the buildings and shelter belt of the research center obstruct the wind flow. The nearest building is less than 40 m west of the tower and is approximately 5 m in height. Obstructions consisting of deciduous and evergreen trees, and buildings extend from 40 to 200 m west and northwest of the tower. The evergreen trees that make up the shelter belt are mature and taller than 10 m. From the north clockwise around the compass to west, the nearest obstructions are farmsteads more than 1,000 m from the tower. Therefore, wind flow characteristics from these directions are not affected. The landscape surrounding the station is generally open farmland with shallow slopes (less than 3 degrees). Because the land is farmed, the roughness characteristics of the site change depending upon the season and the crops being grown, generally corn and soybeans.

Latitude: ------- Longitude: ------- Altitude: 265 m

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