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Drought in Illinois

Dr. Jim Angel, State Climatologist

Drought is a complex physical and social phenomenon of widespread significance, and despite all the problems droughts have caused, drought has been difficult to define (see background and FAQ). In fact, the most straightforward way to identify a drought is by looking at the impacts such as crop losses, low water levels in lakes and streams, and water shortages, rather than specific definitions of shortfalls in precipitation.

Current Drought Status:

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30day precipitation
30-Day Precipitation
90day precipitation
90-Day Precipitation
USGS streamflow
USGS Streamflow
90-day SPI
90-Day Standardized Precipitation Index

The 2012 Drought in Illinois

Illinois experienced one of the most severe droughts in recent decades in 2012. The 2012 drought was covered extensively in the blog at . You can find out information specifically on the 2012 drought on the State Water Survey drought page.

2012 Drought Reports

Worst-case and Severe Drought Frequency

Drought Frequency (return periods of 25, 50, 100, and 200 years)


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