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Health and Environmental Applications Laboratory Service Rates

The following are the analysis fees charged by the Health and Environmental Applications Laboratory (HEAL) to University of Illinois colleagues (internal rate) and to researchers outside the University (external rate).

Standard Operating Procedure Title
Method Reference
Internal Rate
External Rate
Alkalinity, Electrometric TitrationUSGS-1030-85Alkalinity2.2-mg/L$12.00$16.00
pH, ElectrometricUSEPA 150.1----
Total Dissolved Solids Dried at 104 and 180CSM 2540 CTDS814mg/L$16.00$22.00
Total Suspended SolidsSM 2540DTSS1.96-mg/L$16.00$22.00
TurbidityUSEPA 180.1 or SM2130Turbidity0.20.2NTU$7.50$12.00
Determination of Organic Carbon, High Temperature CombustionSM 5310 BNPOC0.370.7mg/L$23.00$30.00
Determination of Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen by Semi-Automated Colorimetry USEPA 351.2, Rev. 2.0TKN0.1430.25mg/L$33.00 for either,
$37.00 for both
$45.00 for either,
$49.00 for both
Determination of Total Phosphorous by Semi-Automated ColorimetryUSEPA 365.4TP0.0350.1mg/L
Determination of Orthophosphate by Semi-Automated ColorimetryUSEPA 365.1, Rev. 2.0PO40.0020.006mg/L$16.00$24.00
Determination of Ammonia Nitrogen by Semi-Automated ColorimetryUSEPA 350.1, Rev. 2.0NH30.010.05mg/L$16.00$24.00
Determination of Nitrite by Semi-Automated ColorimetryUSEPA 353.2NO20.040.08mg/L$16.00$24.00
Determination of Trace Elements by Stabilized Temperature Graphite Furnace Atomic AbsorptionUSEPA 200.9, Rev. 2.2      
Determination of Inorganic Anions by Ion ChromatographyUSEPA 300.0, Rev. 2.1    $15.00 for 1
$16.00 for 2-3
$18.00 for 4+ 
$19.00 for 1
$21.00 for 2-3
$24.00 for 4+ 
Sample Difficult Matrix     $17.00$23.00
Sample Processing (filtration, digestion, grinding)     $10.00$14.00
Determination of Metals and Trace Elements in Water and Wastes by Inductively Coupled Plasma - Atomic Emission SpectrometryUSEPA 200.7, Rev. 4.4    $53.00 for 1
$54.00 for 2-4
$57.00 for 5-30
$75.00 for 1
$77.00 for 2-4
$81.00 for 5-30


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