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Health and Environmental Applications Laboratory

The Water Survey’s Health and Environmental Applications Laboratory (HEAL) provides advanced analytical services to support better understanding of our water resources. HEAL supports state institutions, Illinois communities, and beyond.

Analytical Focus Areas

  • Wet deposition chemistry
  • Drinking water chemistry
  • Groundwater, surface water and brines
  • Microbiology (total coliforms and E. coli)

Analysis to support research

HEAL provides chemical analysis for colleagues at the Prairie Research Institute and the University of Illinois. Measurements include metals, nutrients, and other inorganic parameters for projects on groundwater quality, watershed monitoring, well contamination, atmospheric deposition, and lake quality. HEAL has the capacity to handle high sample loads (up to several hundred samples per week)

You can view HEAL's analytical service rates, then contact Evan Rea or call 217-300-8295 to discuss collaborating with HEAL for your research project's analytical needs.

Please note: the Water Survey’s Health and Environmental Applications Lab, formerly known as the Public Service Laboratory, no longer offers Home Water Testing. We recommend the Private Well Class Pledge to Test program, which offers a coupon for those who sign up through their site: https://privatewellclass.org/pledge.

Illinois State Water Survey

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