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A Water Well Inventory of Selected Wells in McLean and Tazewell Counties, Illinois


Principal Investigators: Steve Wilson, Kevin Rennels, George Roadcap

Project Staff: Steve Wilson, Kevin Rennels, George Roadcap, Allen Wehrmann

Sponsors: The Allin Township, Danvers Township, and Mackinaw Valley Water Authorities

Project Period: Dec 2009–Feb 2011

The principal objective of this project is to determine the locations, depths, water levels, and pump settings of private rural wells within a nine township area in western McLean and eastern Tazewell Counties. A reasonably complete description of well locations and construction details should be compiled by the end of this project to help determine possible impacts from any future development of the aquifer (increased pumpage). With the known well depths, pump settings, and water levels, an assessment of the effects of possible additional pumpage, for example from a new community well field, can be conducted. Such assessment would entail groundwater flow modeling of specific alternative well field designs and locations in the study area to provide information on the numbers of wells impacted and likely necessary mitigation actions (lower pump, deepen well, etc.). One goal of this effort is to investigate if impacts to existing wells can be minimized to protect existing well owners from supply interruption, as well as to provide those well owners with information that would be beneficial in determining individual impacts to their wells should a new water supply be built in the study area.

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