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Illinois Drought


Drought Vulnerability Classification

Adequate System – There is greater than a 90% probability that the community will not experience any water shortages or threat thereof during a severe drought similar to the drought of record.

Drought Adequacy Description

If a drought similar to the 1955-1956 drought of record were to recur today, it is estimated with 50% confidence that the current system would be able to support a demand of 6.34 mgd (the mid- or best yield estimate). It is estimated with 90% confidence that the current system would be able to support a demand of 5.65 mgd. Because the system would be able to fulfill the community’s current demand of 2.99 mgd with 90% confidence, the drought vulnerability of the system is classified as ADEQUATE.

Additional Notes

Note that Jacksonville’s yield includes 4.03 mgd it can obtain from groundwater sources.

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