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Water and Atmospheric Resources Monitoring Program (WARM)

Instantaneous Suspended Sediment Measurement Information

The Benchmark Sediment Monitoring Program offers weekly data from suspended sediment samples collected at fifteen sampling sites throughout Illinois. The samples are analyzed at the Water Survey Sediment Laboratory in Champaign. The analysis of these samples determines their suspended sediment concentration and suspended sediment particle sizes. Two forms of information are offered for downloading: Instantaneous Suspended Sediment Measurement (below), and Particle Size Distribution.

Click on a station number to VIEW that stations's Instantaneous Suspended Sediment Measurement information. To DOWNLOAD a station's data as a comma separated value text file, click CSV.

#102 Pecatonica River at Freeport, IL CSV (USGS #05435500)
#103 Rock River at Rockton, IL CSV (USGS #05437500)
#122 Vermilion River near Leonore, IL CSV (USGS #05555300)
#123 Mazon River near Coal City, IL CSV (USGS #05542000)
#124 Kankakee River near Wilmington, IL CSV (USGS #05527500)
#125 Kankakee River at Momence, IL CSV (USGS #05520500)
#229 Spoon River at London Mills, IL CSV (USGS #05569500)
#242 LaMoine River at Colmar, IL CSV (USGS #05584500)
#245 LaMoine River at Ripley, IL CSV (USGS #05585000)
#249 Sangamon River at Monticello, IL CSV (USGS #05572000)
#361 Kaskaskia River at Vandalia, IL CSV (USGS #05592500)
#367 Silver Creek near Freeburg, IL CSV (USGS #05594800)
#370 Little Wabash River at Carmi, IL CSV (USGS #03381500)
#378 Cache River at Forman, IL CSV (USGS #03612000)
#513 Cache River at Ullin, IL CSV

        All Stations listed above: ZIP (zip file - 188k)

Particle Size Distribution Information is also available on a station by station basis.

Data Set Parameters and Explanation

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