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System Description

Marion no longer produces its own surface water and purchases water from the Rend Lake Intercity Water System. Prior to August 2010, City Reservoir was Marion's principal water source. Water purchased from Herrin Lake No. 2 boosted supply when needed.

Satellite Communities and Water Districts

Wye WD (~50%)
Locator map for Marion

Population Served:





Big Muddy
Water Source
Name Type Stream DA (sq mi) SA (ac) Capacity Year Est. Est. 2010 Cap. (ac-ft)
Marion City Res. IR Limb Br 6.48 240.4 1478 1970 1318.3
Herrin Lake No. 2 IR Wolf Cr 3.15 50.2 240 1936 470

1989 Study:

20-year drought yield insufficient at 1990 level of water use.

USGS Gages:

No data available

Developments since 1989:

In 2005, mandatory conservation measures were implemented, including car wash shutdowns and outdoor watering bans. Transmission line leaks caused the system to lose water obtained from Herrin Lake No. 2.
Chart of Annual Raw Water Production (mgd)
Note: *Crab Orchard Lake was abandoned in the 1980s due to unsafe PCB concentrations. The United States Penitentiary in Marion has its own water system.

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