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System Information

System Description

Water flows from Salem Reservoir directly to a 3.5 mgd treatment plant. Since 1988, the system has been allocated up to 6 mgd from Carlyle Lake to fill the Salem Reservoir when necessary.

Satellite Communities and Water Districts

Northeast WC, Odin, and Raccoon WC
Locator map for Salem

Population Served:





Water Source
Name Type Stream DA (sq mi) SA (ac) Capacity Year Est. Est. 2010 Cap. (ac-ft)
Salem Reservoir IR Town Cr 4.02 84 530.9 1960 469.6
Carlyle Lake* IR Kaskaskia R 2712 26000 32692 1976

1989 Study:

50-year drought yield sufficient at present level of water use.

USGS Gages:

No data available

Developments since 1989:

The Salem Reservoir dam was lowered 15 inches in 1993 due to flood hazards it posed for nearby State Highway 137. In 2005, water was withdrawn from Carlyle Lake on 102 days to buffer drought impacts.
Chart of Annual Raw Water Production (mgd)
Note: *The capacity of Carlyle Lake listed is the volume allocated only for water supply.

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