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Pontiac (Illinois-American)

System Information

System Description

Water is pumped from the Vermilion River at up to 3,125 gpm either directly to the treatment plant or via an off-channel reservoir. That reservoir also serves as a storage basin for low nitrate water and as a pre-treatment sedimentation basin.

Satellite Communities and Water Districts

Locator map for Pontiac (Illinois-American)

Population Served:





Vermilion - Illinois
Water Source
Name Type Stream DA (sq mi) SA (ac) Capacity Year Est. Est. 2010 Cap. (ac-ft)
Vermilion River* RW Vermilion R 579 38 153
Off-channel reservoir OCR Vermilion R 0 250 2026 1992 2026

1989 Study:

20-year drought yield insufficient at present level of water use.

USGS Gages:

Vermilion River at Pontiac (05554500)

Developments since 1989:

The construction of an off-channel reservoir in 1993 protected the community from water shortages during the 2005 drought.
Chart of Annual Raw Water Production (mgd)
Note: *A low channel dam on the river creates storage as noted in the table.

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