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Publication Availability and Ordering

For information about ordering in print publications, call (217) 333-8888 or e-mail Patti Hill. To expedite your order, please give the series name, number, and complete title (for example, Bulletin 71, Rainfall Frequency Atlas of the Midwest). Although most publications are available free of charge, prepayment is required for those publications for which a price is indicated. Make all checks payable to the University of Illinois c/o ISWS. Credit cards are also accepted. There is also a charge for multiple copies of publications. All prices are subject to change without notice, and all sales are final.

Loan copies of all publications are available through Interlibrary loan.

If a National Technical Information Service (NTIS) number is shown (for example, NTIS#: PB93-164606 for Bulletin 71), you may also order from NTIS.

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