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Publication Series

Current Series

Contract Reports are formal interim, annual, and/or final reports to sponsors.

Data/Case Studies present data or describe a natural phenomenon. Examples include ISWS publications that were previously published in the Circulars category.

Informational/Educational Materials are intended to inform or educate and do not fit into the above categories. Examples include popular articles (articles written for popular publications and for the public), brochures, procedure manuals, policy/planning materials, etc.

Scientific Reports contain new scientific information produced by extensive data interpretation that results in new scientific conclusions or concepts.

Maps are a listing of Water Survey maps that are in the official Map Series. There are other maps listed alongside as well.

Old Series

Note: No additional reports in these series will be printed. Abstracts and/or full-text versions of these older reports are being added as funding permits. As these electronic formats are produced, they will be available on this Web site.

Bulletins report results of major, significant research studies generally of statewide or broader application. Reports were placed in this series on the basis of completed work (no further work contemplated), comprehensive scope (with regard to topic, geographic area, or time period), or broad application (for example, original methodologies or significant transferable research results)

Circulars present data but do not emphasize its analysis or interpretation. Circulars may summarize data collected by ongoing data collection programs or present data from studies for which the complete results are available separately. Circulars may also provide information that aids readers in practical applications of the results of ISWS investigations.

Cooperative Reports describe related resources problems and were prepared and published jointly with the Illinois State Geological Survey.

Miscellaneous Publications are generally short and convey research results quickly to user groups. This category includes some nontechnical brochures and booklets.

Research Reports (formerly Reports of Investigations) report on research projects of lesser scope or significance than those reported in Bulletins. Research Reports may report preliminary findings from projects; analyze conditions for a relatively small area, a limited period, or a particular event (such as a severe winter or an extreme drought); or analyze data to determine causes, trends, or patterns related to phenomena studied.

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