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Selected Digital Computer Techniques for Groundwater Resource Evaluation Prickett, Thomas A., and Carl G. Lonnquist, 1971  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-55    Full Text Available
Generalized digital computer program listings are given that can simulate one-, two-, or three-dimensional nonsteady flow of groundwater in heterogeneous aquifers under water table, nonleaky, and leaky artesian conditions. Included are listings for time varying pumpage from wells, natural or artificial recharge rates, the relationships of water exchange between surface waters and the groundwater reservoir, the process of groundwater evapotranspiration, and the mechanism of converting from artesian to water table conditions. Discussion includes necessary mathematical background, documented program listings, sample input data, job setup procedures, theoretical versus computer comparisons, and field examples. A finite difference approach is used to formulate the equations of groundwater flow; a modified alternating direction implicit method solves the set of resulting finite difference equations. Programs are written in FORTRAN IV and will operate with any consistent set of units. The digital computers can deal with much more complex problems than is practical with electric analog or analytical methods.

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