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Fox River Watershed Investigation: Stratton Dam to the Illinois River, Phase II: Hydrologic and Water Quality Simulation Models, Part 3: Validation of Hydrologic Model Parameters, Brewster Creek, Ferson Creek, Flint Creek, Mill Creek, and Tyler Creek Watersheds. Bartosova, Alena, Jaswinder Singh, Mustafa Rahim, Sally McConkey, 2007  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS CR 2007-07    Full Text Available
This report describes development of watershed loading models for five watersheds contributing to the Fox River: Brewster Creek, Ferson Creek, Flint Creek, Mill Creek, and Tyler Creek watersheds. These five tributary watersheds were used to validate model parameters previously developed for the Blackberry Creek and Poplar Creek pilot watersheds to different conditions within the Fox River watershed. Several aspects of model uncertainty and confidence are evaluated. Preceding reports describe methodology, procedures, and data used in the model development, as well as results of calibration and validation of the pilot watersheds. Subsequent reports will present the development of models for the remainder of the study area.

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