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Fox River Watershed Investigation: Stratton Dam to the Illinois River, Phase II: Blackberry Creek and Poplar Creek Hydrologic and Water Quality Simulation Methods: Executive Summary. Bartosova, Alena, Sally McConkey, Mustafa Rahim, Jaswinder Singh., 2007  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS CR 2007-05    Full Text Available
This report summarizes model preparation and results from hydrologic and water quality simulation models for two major tributaries to the Fox River, Blackberry Creek and Poplar Creek. These models were prepared under contract with the Fox River Study Group, Inc. as part of a multiphase project for the Fox River watershed below Stratton Dam. Blackberry Creek and Poplar Creek watersheds were selected for study as they represent a variety of land uses in the Fox River watershed in the study area below Stratton Dam and also have long-term flow records and some water quality data. Blackberry Creek watershed represents primarily agricultural land use. Poplar Creek watershed represents primarily urban land use. Hydrologic and water quality components of the Hydrological Simulation Program FORTRAN (HSPF) model version 12 were calibrated to the extent possible with available data under time and resource constraints. Results of the hydrologic simulation models for each tributary are very good for the range of flow conditions of interest. Sufficient water quality data are not available to allow a full evaluation of the performance of the water quality simulations; however, simulated water quality components do follow trends indicated by observed data available. The models may be used to simulate watershed hydrology and provide qualitative comparisons of water quality constituent loading from the two watersheds. Model parameters developed through this process will be applied during preparation of HSPF models for other tributary watersheds to the Fox River.

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