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Overview of Recommended Phase III Water Quality Monitoring: Fox River Investigation. Bartosova, Alena, Jaswinder Singh, James Slowikowski, Michael Machesky, and Sally McConkey., 2005  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS CR 2005-13    Full Text Available
This water quality monitoring plan describes the monitoring recommended to provide data needed to improve calibration of the watershed loading (HSPF) and receiving stream (QUAL2) models for the Fox River watershed. Various monitoring schemes were considered in light of available resources. Data gaps identified in the Phase I report as well as preliminary model simulations also were considered in preparing this monitoring plan. Because available resources are a limiting factor, closing data gaps is the primary objective of the proposed monitoring plan. Should additional funds become available, specific additional data collection scenarios would enhance the reliability of the models. These recommendations are written to be incorporated by the Fox River Study Group, Inc. (FRSG) into the request for proposals (RFP) to conduct the monitoring.

The proposed monitoring requires installation and operation of the following: (1) 9 hourly precipitation stations, (2) 11 stream flow gages, (3) 29 ambient water quality monitoring sites, and (4) 16 stations with continuous operation during selected low flow periods. In addition, active combined sewer overflows shall be sampled, five sediment oxygen demand tests shall be performed on the Fox River mainstem, and bed substrate from ten sites shall be analyzed. Preliminary site locations are identified.

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