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Planning a Domestic Ground Water Supply System Gibb, James P., 1973  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS C-116    Full Text Available

Groundwater is used as the source for almost all individual farm and domestic water supply systems in Illinois. Approximately 88 percent of the state’s public water supplies also use groundwater as a source of supply. Altogether, groundwater supplies serve about 3,700,000 persons in the state, or approximately 34 percent of the total population.

A public water supply system usually is developed with the assistance of city and consulting engineers, the State Geological Survey, the State Water Survey, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Individuals wishing to develop a private groundwater supply can seldom afford the advice of a consulting engineer, but should take advantage of the free services available to them from the Illinois Department of Public Health, the State Geological Survey, and our organization.

Nearly 700 requests for information concerning groundwater conditions in specific locations of Illinois are answered yearly by the Illinois State Water Survey. Approximately 40 percent of these requests are from individuals seeking advice on locating, developing, or treating home or farm groundwater supplies.

Many of these requests are answered with letter-type reports prepared jointly by the State Water Survey and State Geological Survey from available geohydrologic data in their basic record files. In many cases, the use of this information on groundwater and geologic conditions at a specific site has saved considerable time, effort, and money in well construction. However, several thousand wells are constructed each year without the use of such information.

This circular presents basic information needed to plan and develop a domestic groundwater supply. A logical step-by-step planning summary is outlined. Accepted and recommended methods for a prospective owner of a domestic well to determine his water requirements and to gather meaningful information for planning his supply are presented.

Also included are brief discussions on the occurrence, movement, availability, and quality of groundwater in Illinois, and the commonly used types of wells and pumps. More detailed discussions on well development, pump installation, and water quality and treatment of domestic and farm water supply systems are presented in Water Survey Circulars 117 and 118 (see References).

This study is part of a continuing program of water-resource investigations being conducted by the Illinois State Water Survey under the general direction of Dr. William C. Ackermann, Chief, and John B. Stall, Head of the Hydrology Section. The report was prepared under the direct guidance of William H. Walker.

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