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How to Fill Out Your Water Inventory Form

  1. Check the information for your facility at the top of page 1 (facility name, name and title of supervisor, address of facility, contact person and title, contact phone number and e-mail address). Make any corrections as necessary.
  2. Below the facility information is a list of wells and/or surface water intakes at your facility. All wells at the facility are listed, regardless of their status (In-Use, Unused, Disconnected, Capped, Abandoned, or Sealed). Make any needed corrections to location, status, or depth of the wells or intakes and enter the value for Maximum Daily Pumpage and Total Annual Gallons Withdrawn (see Features of the Wells and Intakes Listing for an explanation of terms). Note: Maximum Daily Pumpage pertains only to Community Water Supplies.

    Note: If your facility has installed a new well, please include with your returned form a copy of the well construction report, which is typically available from the driller. If your facility has sealed a well, please include a copy of the Well Sealing Form, available from the company that sealed the well.

  3. Fill out the part of the inventory form (usually page 2) that pertains to how the water is used at your facility (see How to Fill Out the Water Use Part of the Water Inventory).
  4. Fill out the appropriate parts of the Well Treatment, Water Levels, Conservation, and Discharge page (see Explanation of Well Treatment, Water Levels, Conservation, and Discharge). The questions on this page pertain mainly to wells.
  5. Return the form or forms in the postage-paid return envelope.

Please review the detailed instructions that accompany examples of the inventory form pages, including Frequently Asked Questions. If you have further questions, please contact IWIP staff by phone (217-333-0239) or e-mail Conor Healy (healy19@illinois.edu). Be sure to identify your facility in your message.

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