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Explanation of Terms on Your Water Inventory Form

Facility IDThis 8-digit number is near the top left-hand side of the first page of the form. It is used to categorize your facility in the IWIP database, for example, public water supply, industrial-commercial, irrigation, fish and wildlife, or conservation. If your facility is a public water system, the facility ID will be the same as your Illinois EPA number except with a 9 inserted in the fourth place.
Facility NameYour facility name as provided to us. Please make changes to the name as necessary, for example, if the facility is sold and renamed.
Name/titleName and title of the administrator, manager, or superintendent of the water program at your facility.
AddressThe street address or best mailing address of your facility, along with city, state, and ZIP code.
SIC CodeCode for your facility's main type of business, according to the Standard Industrial Classification Manual.
Contact/TitleName of person most knowledgeable about water quantity and use at your facility. Please provide or correct the phone number and e-mail address for this person.

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