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Detailed Explanation of Well Treatment, Water Levels, Conservation, and Discharge

Well Treatment or Rehabilitation Work

For each well specially treated or rehabilitated, enter the well number in the table that follows, along with a description of the treatment or the rehabilitation (such as a well deepening, new pump installed, etc.).

Water Levels

The water levels table is intended to provide information about your wells in both their pumping state and nonpumping state. For each well, enter the airline length, which is often the same as the pump setting, or depth to pump. Enter the pressure gage reading for the nonpumping state and the pumping state. Enter the reading in psi or, if the gauge is direct reading, in feet. Also indicate the pumping rate in gallons per minute. Given the airline length, the pressure readings, and the pump rate, Illinois State Water Survey hydrologists can calculate the specific capacity, or the efficiency of the well.

Water Conservation Practices

Indicate yes or no. If yes, provide the requested details.

Plans to Increase Treatment or Supply Capacity

If yes, specify the plans.

Discharge of Wastewater

If no, you are finished completing the form. If yes, indicate the type of discharge. If you discharge directly to a stream or other surface water body, provide your National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit number.

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