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To report your 2023 or other outstanding years' reports via the Online Reporting Tool please see the links on this page listed below under the Online Reporting section.

FOR IRRIGATORS: Please visit our Irrigation Reporting Information page for more information on reporting your 2023 Irrigation water use.

If you have any questions about IWIP, about 2023 water use reporting, or about ISWS operations, we encourage you to send us an email at ISWS-IWIP@isws.illinois.edu or call us on our main phone line: 217-333-0239. IWIP staff members will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.

The Illinois Water Inventory Program thanks you for your cooperation.

About the Water Inventory Program

The Illinois Water Inventory Program (IWIP), founded in 1978, is a statewide inventory of water use and withdrawals in Illinois. The priority is to develop and maintain a database of high-capacity water wells and intakes from public water supplies, self-supplied industries, irrigation, fish and wildlife, and conservation.

A high-capacity well or intake is any well or intake that is rated to pump 70 gallons per minute (gpm) or greater. In addition, any facility which owns or operates multiple wells or intakes that when combined are rated to pump 70 gpm is classified as a high-capacity operation.

For each water-using facility inventoried, the database includes locations and amounts of water withdrawn from surface water and groundwater sources, as well as significant amounts of water purchased from other facilities. Data can be summarized geographically by county, township, and drainage basin, as well as by various water use and water source categories for inclusion in publications of the USGS National Water Use Program. Annual submission of the Illinois Water Inventory form is mandatory according to Public Act 096-0222 .

Registration and Annual Reporting

Agricultural Irrigation Facility Reporting

Irrigation Reporting Information is now available online. The webpage provides the following information:

  • A downloadable irrigation handbook which includes forms and guidance for record-keeping, calculating, and reporting irrigation water use.
  • Information on how to register an agricultural irrigation facility in IWIP
  • Help on calculating annual gallons of water withdrawals
  • Instructions on how to report water use information.

Please note, IWIP considers an Agricultural Irrigation facility to be a crop irrigation facility which typically irrigates with a center pivot irrigation system. This does not include golf courses or nursery facilities.

Public Water Supply and Industrial-Commercial Facility Reporting

Public Water Supply and Industrial-Commercial facilities will receive a postcard notification in early February with instructions on how to report the previous year’s water use and withdrawal data.

Lake Michigan Ordinance (LMO-2 Recipients): Facilities that have a Lake Michigan allocation are required to submit a form (the LMO-2) to the Department of Natural Resources’ Office of Water Resources in Chicago. LMO facilities must still report Water Use Information to IWIP, however these facilities may report water use on the previous federal water year, which runs from October 1 through September 30.

Please note golf courses and nurseries are considered Industrial-Commercial facilities, not Agricultural Irrigation facilities, as defined by IWIP. As such, these facilities should have been reporting annually since 2010.

Online Reporting

IWIP reporting can now be done online via the IWIP Online Reporting Tool.

To use the tool, facility operators must first register an account with IWIP staff and receive a unique Username and Password. To begin this process please send an email containing facility name, facility number (if known) and your contact information to ISWS-IWIP@isws.illinois.edu

If you already have a Username and Password for your facility, you can access the online tool for your facility type with the links below:



IMPORTANT: The AGRICULTURAL IRRIGATION tool is primarily for CENTER PIVOT irrigators. Golf Courses and Nurseries should report water use via the INDUSTRIAL / COMMERCIAL tool

If you would like more assistance please feel free to contact IWIP staff via phone at 217-333-0239.

Data Use

See examples of how IWIP data are used in State Water Survey projects and beyond.

For Further Information

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section first; you may find an answer to your questions there.

If you have any additional questions about completing some part the form or determining the amount of water your facility purchases or withdraws, please do not hesitate to call the IWIP office at 217-333-0239 or e-mail ISWS-IWIP@isws.illinois.edu. Office hours are 8-12 and 1-5, Monday through Friday.

Mailing Address:

Illinois Water Inventory Program
Illinois State Water Survey
2204 Griffith Drive
Champaign, IL 61820-7463

Phone: 217-333-0239

If you have a more specific request, IWIP staff contact information is listed below:

Cora Wessman – ISWS, IWIP Coordinator, 217-333-5838, cwessm3@illinois.edu
Tanner Jones – ISWS, IWIP Irrigation Specialist, 217-300-7315, tannerj@illinois.edu
Laurel Shepherd – ISWS, IWIP Academic Research Assistant, 217-300-6981, laurel4@illinois.edu
Alison Meanor – ISWS, IWIP Agricultural Irrigation Data Coordinator, 217-265-8634, ameanor@illinois.edu

Illinois Water Inventory Program Staff thank you for participating in this important state-wide program.

Illinois State Water Survey

2204 Griffith Dr., MC-674
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