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Many Illinois communities are starting to realize the need for ongoing water conservation programs. The extent of these programs ranges from relatively simple and straightforward plans limiting the days of the week or times water can be used for outside activities such as lawn sprinklers or car washing, to full-blown water conservation campaigns that provide kits and/or detailed suggestions for saving water. As more municipal and private utilities become aware of the need for conservation of this precious resource, these practices will become more widespread. There are a number of good information resources for children, residential consumers, and utilities to use in planning and implementing water conservation activities.


Manufacturing companies have also begun to realize the benefits to both the environment and the bottom line that can be realized from using designs that conserve water and other precious resources. One manufacturing site alone in Schaumburg, Illinois, made changes that save more than 39 million gallons of water per year. They accomplished this by replacing an open cooling water system that constantly sends water to waste with a closed cooling water system that recycles the same water again and again.



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