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Water Withdrawals and Population in Various Regions of IllinoisBack
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Illinois Community Surface Water Supplies
The quantity of water withdrawn for various public and domestic uses varies dramatically from region to region within Illinois. The following graphics illustrate the variation in water withdrawals and population within major regional planning areas defined by major watersheds within Illinois. These regions were identified and used by the U.S .Army Corps of Engineers in the late 1960s as part of comprehensive surveys of the upper Mississippi River and the Ohio River basins. At that time comprehensive information about water withdrawals was compiled for these regions.


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Illinois water use vs. population by region
Individual charts for the Big Muddy and Saline, Kaskaskia, Wabash, Illinois, Rock, and Northeastern Illinois planning regions show past, present, and future populations, and past and reported water withdrawals. Note: When these graphics were compiled, the 2000 census was not complete, and 2000 and 2020 populations shown are projections. Water withdrawal data shown includes withdrawals for public, commercial, industrial, and estimated self-supplied domestic water use, but not for power generation. The graphic that includes all six regions plots water withdrawals and population data at the same scale for all regions, thus illustrating the predominance of population and water withdrawals in Northeastern Illinois.


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