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Contract Reports

1  Decision Support Model for Generating Optimal Alternative Scenarios of Watershed Best Management Practices  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Bekele, Elias, Laura Keefer, Sangeetha Chandrasekaran, 2014 ISWS CR 2014-02 
2  Water Supply Assessment for Kaskaskia River Watershed Development: Phase 1 Technical Report  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Knapp, H.V., G.S. Roadcap, E.G, Bekele, H.A. Wehrmann, W.E. Gillespie, J.S. Hecht, F.J. Pisani, 2012 ISWS CR 2012-01 
3  Development and Application of Coupled Optimization-Watershed Models for Selection and Placement of Best Management Practices in the Mackinaw River Watershed  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Bekele, Elias G., Yanqing Lian, Misganaw Demissie, 2011 ISWS CR 2011-04 
4  Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling for Evaluating Alternatives for Managed Connection of the Upper and Lower Cache Rivers  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Demissie, Misganaw, Elias Bekele, Yanqing Lian, Laura Keefer, 2010 ISWS CR 2010-06 
5  Hydrologic Modeling of the Fox River Watershed Using SWAT2000: Model Development, Calibration, and Validation  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Bekele, Elias G., H. Vernon Knapp, 2009 ISWS CR 2009-09 

Reports of Investigations

6  The 2012 Drought in Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Knapp, Vernon, James Angel, Jennie Atkins, Luke Bard, Elias Getahun, Kenneth Hlinka, Laura Keefer, Walton Kelly, George Roadcap, 2017 ISWS RI-123 
7  The Sediment Budget of the Illinois River: 1981-2015  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Demissie, Misganaw, Elias Getahun, Laura Keefer, 2016 ISWS RI-122 

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