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1  Water Quality Trends of the Illinois Waterway System Upstream of Peoria Including the Chicago Metropolitan Area.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Larson, Robert S., 2001 ISWS CR 2001-03 
2  Illinois Power Company - Baldwin Power Plant Ash-pond Effluent Boron Mixing with the Kaskaskia River  Full Text Available
Butts, Thomas A., Dana B. Shackleford, and Robert S. Larson, 1995 ISWS CR-588 
3  Low-flow Estimates for Cedar Creek at Galesburg, Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Singh, Krishan P., and Robert S. Larson, 1995 ISWS CR-587 
4  Considerations in Water Use Planning for the Fox River  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Singh, Krishan P., Thomas A. Butts, H. Vernon Knapp, Dana B. Shackleford, and Robert S. Larson, 1995 ISWS CR-586 
5  Water Quality and Aquatic Habitat Suitability Assessment: Sangamon River between Decatur and Petersburg  Full Text Available
Larson, Robert S., Thomas A. Butts, and Krishan P. Singh, 1994 ISWS CR-571 
6  Pilot Study: Riffle-pool Geometry in the Fox River Below Algonquin and Aquatic Habitat Assessment  Full Text Available
McConkey, Sally A., Robert S. Larson, and Krishan P. Singh, 1992 ISWS CR-542 
7  Hydrologic Modeling of the Fox River Watershed  Full Text Available
Knapp, H. Vernon, Terry W. Ortel, and Robert S. Larson, 1991 ISWS CR-518 

Informational/Educational Materials

8  The 2005 Illinois Drought.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Kunkel, Kenneth E (editor), James R. Angel, Stanley A. Changnon, Roger Claybrooke, Steven D. Hilberg, H. Vernon Knapp, Robert S. Larson, Michael Palecki, Robert W. Scott, Derek Winstanley., 2006 ISWS IEM 2006-03 

Results 1-8 of 8

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