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1  Kane County Water Resources Investigations: Surface Water Accounting for Water Supply Planning in Kane County.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Knapp, J. Vernon, Amy M. Russell, Julie A. Kramer, Greg P. Rogers., 2007 ISWS CR 2007-10 
2  Hydrology, Nutrient, and Sediment Monitoring for Hurricane and Kickapoo Creek Watersheds: Water Year 2000-2002: Pilot Watershed Program.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Keefer, Laura., 2006 ISWS CR 2006-03 
3  Drought Planning for Small Community Water Systems.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Winstanley, Derek, James R. Angel, Timothy P. Bryant, H. Vernon Knapp, Michael A. Palecki, Amy M. Russell, H. Allen Wehrmann., 2006 ISWS CR 2006-01 
4  Development of Streams Classification for Nutrient Criteria in Illinois.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Markus, Momcilo, Lian-Shin Lin, Amy Russell, 2005 ISWS CR 2005-02 
5  Streamflow Frequency Assessment for Water Resource Evaluation.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Knapp, H. Vernon, and Amy Russell, 2004 ISWS CR 2004-09 
6  Rock River Basin Streamflow Assessment Model.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Knapp, H. Vernon and Amy M. Russell, 2004 ISWS CR 2004-02 
7  Sediment and Nutrient Monitoring at Selected Watersheds Within the Illinois River Watershed for Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Illinois River Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP).  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Demissie, Misganaw, Laura Keefer, James Slowikowski, Amy Russell, Ted Snider, and Kip Stevenson, 2001 ISWS CR 2001-12 

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