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1  Water Withdrawals and Use in Illinois, 2012  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Healy, Conor, Ken Hlinka, 2016 ISWS C-187 
2  Water Withdrawals in Illinois, 2011  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Hlinka, Kenneth, Steve Wilson, Cassia Smith, Greg Rogers, Karen Bridges, Scott Meyer, George Roadcap, Conor Healy, Tim Bryant, 2014 ISWS C-186 
3  Water Withdrawals in Illinois, 1984  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Kirk, James R., Kenneth J. Hlinka, Robert T. Sasman, and Ellis W. Sanderson, 1985 ISWS C-163 NTIS#: PB87-119368

Contract Reports

4  Changing Groundwater Levels in the Sandstone Aquifers of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin: Impacts on Available Water Supply  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Daniel B. Abrams, Daniel R. Hadley, Devin H. Mannix, George S. Roadcap, Scott C. Meyer, Kenneth J. Hlinka, Kevin Rennels, Kenneth R. Bradbury, Peter M. Chase, Jacob J. Krause, 2015 ISWS CR 2015-02 

Miscellaneous Publications

5  Ground-water/surface Water Interactions at Sand Lake, Mason County, Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Hlinka, Kenneth J., Andrew G. Buck, and Gary R. Clark, 1999 ISWS MP-187 NTIS#: 55112385

Reports of Investigations

6  The 2012 Drought in Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Knapp, Vernon, James Angel, Jennie Atkins, Luke Bard, Elias Getahun, Kenneth Hlinka, Laura Keefer, Walton Kelly, George Roadcap, 2017 ISWS RI-123 

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