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1  Selected Analytical Methods for Well and Aquifer Evaluation  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Walton, William C., 1962 ISWS B-49 NTIS#: PB220412


2  Water Level Decline and Pumpage during 1959 in Deep Wells in the Chicago Region, Illinois  Full Text Available
Walton, William C., Robert T. Sasman, and R. R. Russell, 1960 ISWS C-79 


3  Preliminary Report on the Ground-water Resources of the Havana Region in West Central Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Walker, William H., Robert E. Bergstrom, and William C. Walton, 1965 ISWS COOP-3 
4  Ground-water Resources of DuPage County, Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Zeizel, Arthur J., William C. Walton, Robert T. Sasman, and Thomas A. Prickett, 1962 ISWS COOP-2 
5  Preliminary Report on Ground-water Resources of the Chicago Region, Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Suter, Max, Robert E. Bergstrom, Harman F. Smith, Grover H. Emrich, William C. Walton, and Thurston E. Larson, 1959 ISWS COOP-1 

Reports of Investigations

6  Ground-water Recharge and Runoff in Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Walton, William C., 1965 ISWS RI-48 
7  Yields of Shallow Dolomite Wells in Northern Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Csallany, Sandor C., and William C. Walton, 1963 ISWS RI-46 
8  Yields of Deep Sandstone Wells in Northern Illinois  Full Text Available
Walton, William C., and Sandor C. Csallany, 1962 ISWS RI-43 
9  Ground-water Development in Three Areas of Central Illinois  Full Text Available
Walker, William H., and William C. Walton, 1961 ISWS RI-41 
10  Hydrologic Budgets for Three Small Watersheds in Illinois  Full Text Available
Schicht, Richard J., and William C. Walton, 1983 ISWS RI-40 
11  Leaky Artesian Aquifer Conditions in Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Walton, William C., 1960 ISWS RI-39 

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