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1  Additions to Public Ground-water Supplies in Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Hanson, Ross, 1961 ISWS B-40 sup.2 
2  New Public Ground-water Supplies in Illinois, 1950-1957  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Hanson, Ross, 1958 ISWS B-40 sup.1 
3  Public Ground-water Supplies in Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Hanson, Ross, 1950 ISWS B-40 pt.1 
4  Ground Water Supplies in Northern Cook and Northern DuPage Counties  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Hanson, R., and T.E. Larson, 1945 ISWS B-36 
5  Ground Water Supplies of the Chicago-Joliet-Chicago Heights Area  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Hanson, R., W.D. Gerber, and T.E. Larson, 1943 ISWS B-35 

Reports of Investigations

6  Potential Water Resources of Southern Illinois  Full Text Available
Roberts, Wyndham J., Ross Hanson, Foyd A. Huff, Stanley A. Changnon, Jr., and Thurston E. Larson, 1957 ISWS RI-31 
7  Trends in Residential Water Use  Full Text Available
Hanson, Ross, and Herbert E. Hudson, Jr., 1956 ISWS RI-30 
8  Groundwater Resources in Lee and Whiteside Counties  Full Text Available
Hanson, Ross, 1955 ISWS RI-26 

Results 1-8 of 8

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