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1  Laboratory Studies of Sludge Digestion  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Buswell, A.M., and S.L. Neave, 1930 ISWS B-30 
2  Bioprecipitation Studies, 1921-1927  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Shive, R.A., S.L. Neave, and A.M. Buswell, 1928 ISWS B-25 
3  Solubility and Rate of Solution of Gases, Bibliography  Full Text Available
Neave, S.L, 1924 ISWS B-19 
4  Activated Sludge Studies, 1920-1922  Full Text Available
Brensky, A.A., S.L. Neave, H.L. Long, C.C. Larson, G.C. Habermeyer, and A.M. Buswell, 1923 ISWS B-18 


5  Chemical Studies on Sludge Digestion  Full Text Available
Neave, S. L., and A. M. Buswell, 1930 ISWS C-8 
6  Removal of Colloids from Sewage  Full Text Available
Buswell, A. M., R. A. Shive, and S. L. Neave, 1928 ISWS C-3 

Results 1-6 of 6

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