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1  Water Resources in Peoria-Pekin District  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Buswell, A.M, 1940 ISWS B-33 
2  Laboratory Studies of Sludge Digestion  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Buswell, A.M., and S.L. Neave, 1930 ISWS B-30 
3  Studies on Two-stage Sludge Digestion, 1928-1929  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Buswell, A.M., H.L. White, H.E. Schlenz, E.L. Pearson, and G.E. Symons, 1930 ISWS B-29 
4  Illinois River Studies, 1925-1928  Full Text Available
Boruff, C.S., and A.M. Buswell, 1929 ISWS B-28 
5  A Study of Factors Affecting the Efficiency and Design of Farm Septic Tanks  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Lehmann, E.W., R.C. Kelleher, and A.M. Buswell., 1928 ISWS B-27 
6  Depth of Sewage Filters and the Degree of Purification  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Buswell, A.M., and S.I. Strickhouser, 1928 ISWS B-26 
7  Bioprecipitation Studies, 1921-1927  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Shive, R.A., S.L. Neave, and A.M. Buswell, 1928 ISWS B-25 
8  Investigations of Chemical Reactions Involved in Water Purification, 1920-1925  Full Text Available
Greenfield, R.E., G.P. Edwards, W.U. Gallaher, L.H. McRoberts, and A.M. Buswell, 1926 ISWS B-22 
9  Comparison of Chemical and Bacteriological Examinations Made on the Illinois River during a Season of Low and High Water, 1923-1924: a Preliminary Notice of a Survey of the Sources of Pollution of the Streams of Illinois.  Full Text Available
Greenfield, R.E., G.A. Weinhold, and A.M. Buswell, 1924 ISWS B-20 
10  Activated Sludge Studies, 1920-1922  Full Text Available
Brensky, A.A., S.L. Neave, H.L. Long, C.C. Larson, G.C. Habermeyer, and A.M. Buswell, 1923 ISWS B-18 


11  Chromatographic Determination of Volatile Acids  Full Text Available
Mueller, H. F., A. M. Buswell, and Thurston E. Larson, 1956 ISWS C-55 
12  Quantitative Measurement of Rainfall by Radar  Full Text Available
Buswell, Arthur M. , Glenn E. Stout, and James C. Neill, 1954 ISWS C-46 
13  Calcium Carbonate Saturation Index and Alkalinity Interpretations  Full Text Available
Larson, Thurston E., and A. M. Buswell, 1943 ISWS C-22 
14  Collected Papers on Water Softening  Full Text Available
Larson, Thurston E., and A. M. Buswell, 1940 ISWS C-21 
15  Water Quality for Fire Fighting, the Relation of Water Resistivity to Safe Distance from Nozzle to Electric Lines  Full Text Available
Buswell, A. M., and W. V. Upton, 1937 ISWS C-19 
16  Data on the Ground Waters of Lake County, Illinois  Full Text Available
Gerber, Winfred D., S. M. McClure, D. Tarvin, and A. M. Buswell, 1935 ISWS C-17 
17  The Treatment of "Beer Slop" and Similar Wastes  Full Text Available
Buswell, A. M., 1935 ISWS C-16 
18  The Determination of Free Chlorine  Full Text Available
Tarvin, D., H. R. Todd, and A. M. Buswell, 1935 ISWS C-15 
19  A Carbon Study of Sludge Digestion-gas from Water  Full Text Available
Larson, Thurston E., C. S. Boruff, and A. M. Buswell, 1934 ISWS C-14 
20  Some Economic Problems of the Illinois River Valley, Papers Presented before the Economics Section of the Illinois State Academy of Science  Full Text Available
Bogart, Ernest L., Major Genl. T. Q. Ashburn, Eugene S. Hight, Charles L. Stewart, Jacob A. Harman, A. M. Buswell, C. S. Boruff, Samuel A. Greeley, David H. Thompson, and Ralph F. Bradford, 1931 ISWS C-12 
21  Production of Fuel Gas by Anaerobic Fermentation  Full Text Available
Buswell, A. M., 1930 ISWS C-10 
22  Chemical Studies on Sludge Digestion  Full Text Available
Neave, S. L., and A. M. Buswell, 1930 ISWS C-8 
23  Fermentation Products of Cellulose  Full Text Available
Boruff, C. S., and A. M. Buswell, 1929 ISWS C-7 
24  Control of Scum in Sewage Tanks  Full Text Available
Buswell, A. M., 1929 ISWS C-4 
25  Removal of Colloids from Sewage  Full Text Available
Buswell, A. M., R. A. Shive, and S. L. Neave, 1928 ISWS C-3 

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