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Contract Reports

1  Watershed Modeling to Evaluate Water Quality at Intakes of Small Drinking Water Systems.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Borah, Deva K., Edward C. Krug, Maitreyee Bera, Xin-Zhong Liang, 2006 ISWS CR 2006-06 
2  Hydrologic Modeling of the Court Creek Watershed  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Borah, Deva K., and Maitreyee Bera, 2000 ISWS CR 2000-04 
3  Dynamic Modeling and Monitoring of Water, Sediment, Nutrients, and Pesticides in Agricultural Watersheds during Storm Events  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Borah, Deva K., Maitreyee Bera, Susan Shaw, and Laura Keefer, 1999 ISWS CR-655 
4  Modeling the Lake Pittsfield Watershed Using the AGNPS-ARC/INFO Model  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Borah, Deva K., and Kingsley M. Allan, 1998 ISWS CR-640 
5  Investigation of the STEWARD Expert System for the Lake Pittsfield Watershed  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Borah, Deva K., 1998 ISWS CR-639 
6  Review of Hydrologic and Hydraulic Studies and Unsteady Flow Routing of the 1993 Flood in the Upper Mississippi River System  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Demissie, Misganaw, Deva K. Borah, and David Admiraal, 1997 ISWS CR-622 
7  Water Quality Evaluations for Lake Springfield and Proposed Hunter Lake and Proposed Lick Creek Reservoir  Full Text Available
Borah, Deva K., Raman K. Raman, Shun Dar Lin, H. Vernon Knapp, and Ta-Wei Soong, 1997 ISWS CR-621 

Miscellaneous Publications

8  Watershed Monitoring and Land Use Evaluation for the Lake Decatur Watershed  Full Text Available
Demissie, Misganaw, Laura Keefer, Deva Borah, Vern Knapp, Susan Shaw, Ken Nichols, and Dan Mayer., 1996 ISWS MP-169 

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