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Contract Reports

1  An Analysis on Managed Flood Storage Options for Selected Levees Along the Lower Illinois River for Enhancing Flood Protection: Report 4  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Akanbi, Abiola A., Yanqing Lian, and Ta Wei Soong, 1999 ISWS CR-645 
2  Managed Flood Storage Option for Selected Levees Along the Lower Illinois River for Enhancing Flood Protection, Agriculture, Wetlands, and Recreation: Second Report  Full Text Available
Akanbi, Abiola A., and Krishan P. Singh, 1997 ISWS CR-608 
3  Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analyses of the Illinois and Michigan Canal at Lockport, Illinois  Full Text Available
Demissie, Misganaw, and Abiola A. Akanbi, 1994 ISWS CR-576 
4  Critical Trends Assessment Project Report: Trends in Suspended Sediments and Sedimentation in Illinois Streams, Rivers, Lakes, and Reservoirs  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Akanbi, Abiola A., and Misganaw Demissie, 1994 ISWS CR-572 
5  Research during 1992-1993 Concerning Purposeful and Inadvertent Weather Modification in Illinois: Precipitation, Cloud Changes, and Impacts Project (PreCCIP)  Full Text Available
Changnon, Stanley A., Jr., Robert R. Czys, Steven E. Hollinger, Kenneth E. Kunkel, Nancy E. Westcott, Robert W. Scott, Mary Schoen Petersen, Mark Belding, Robin T. Shealy, German Bollero, Abi A. Akanbi, Radivan Al-Weshah, and Misganaw Demissie, 1992 ISWS CR-560 

Miscellaneous Publications

6  Watershed Monitoring and Land Use Evaluation for the Lake Decatur Watershed  Full Text Available
Demissie, Misganaw, Laura Keefer, Abi Akanbi, Vern Knapp, Susan Shaw, and Eliana Brown, 1994 ISWS MP-159 

Research Reports

7  Hydrologic Modeling of Landscape Functions of Wetlands  Full Text Available
Demissie, Misganaw, Abiola A. Akanbi, and Abdul Khan, 1997 ISWS RR-125 

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