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1  An Investigation of Historical Temperature and Precipitation Data at Climate Benchmark Stations in Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Changnon, Stanley A., Jr., Derek Winstanley, and Kenneth E. Kunkel, 1997 ISWS C-184 NTIS#: PB98-114663


2  Hydrogeology and Ground-water Availability in Southwest McLean and Southeast Tazewell Counties. Part 2: Aquifer Modeling and Final Report  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Wilson, Steven D., George S. Roadcap, Beverly L. Herzog, David R. Larson, and Derek Winstanley, 1998 ISWS COOP-19 

Contract Reports

3  Drought Planning for Small Community Water Systems.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Winstanley, Derek, James R. Angel, Timothy P. Bryant, H. Vernon Knapp, Michael A. Palecki, Amy M. Russell, H. Allen Wehrmann., 2006 ISWS CR 2006-01 
4  A Contribution to the Characterization of Illinois Reference/background Conditions for Setting Nitrogen Criteria for Surface Waters in Illinois : Final Report to Illinois Council on Food and Agricultural Research (C-FAR)  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Krug, Edward C., and Derek Winstanley, 2000 ISWS CR 2000-08 

Informational/Educational Materials

5  The 2005 Illinois Drought.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Kunkel, Kenneth E (editor), James R. Angel, Stanley A. Changnon, Roger Claybrooke, Steven D. Hilberg, H. Vernon Knapp, Robert S. Larson, Michael Palecki, Robert W. Scott, Derek Winstanley., 2006 ISWS IEM 2006-03 
6  The Water Cycle and Water Budgets in Illinois: A Framework for Drought and Water-supply Planning.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Winstanley, Derek, James R. Angel, Stanley A. Changnon, H. Vernon Knapp, Kenneth E. Kunkel, Michael A. Palecki, Robert W. Scott, H. Allen Wehrmann., 2006 ISWS IEM 2006-02 
7  Insights to Key Questions About Climate Change  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Winstanley, Derek and Stanley A. Changnon, 2004 ISWS IEM 2004-01 

Research Reports

8  Long-term Variations in Seasonal Weather Conditions and Their Impacts on Crop Production and Water Resources in Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Changnon, Stanley A., and Derek Winstanley, 1999 ISWS RR-127 

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