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This page contains nitrogen related material.

Nitrogen Cycles Project - Nitrogen (N) is an essential element in all living matter. This web site provides an improved scientific basis for developing and testing improved mathematical process models for simulating the biogeochemical cycling of N in Illinois' environments, and for conducting N mass-balance studies. The application of such models and the conduct of improved mass-balance studies will provide decision makers with data and tools to determine, with known confidence, the need for further N control and the efficiency and effectiveness of N control strategies and policies.

Nitrogen in the Nation's Rain (NADP) - The National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) Office has published an informational brochure entitled Nitrogen in the Nation's Rain, developed under guidance from NADP's Environmental Effects Subcommittee. The brochure presents a concise summary of the phenomenon of nitrogen in precipitation by addressing three questions: How is nitrogen deposition measured? Which human activities contribute nitrogen? What effects are associated with nitrogen deposition?

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