Illinois EPA, Division of Public Water Supplies Drought Update Summary Report, Illinois State Water Survey

Illinois Drought Update


Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Division of Public Water Supplies
Drought Report
- March 9, 2006


Rockford Region

No drought problems noted.  Streator reports that currently the Vermillion river is flowing over the dam at a very good rate and has been for many weeks. The Nitrates in the river are currently at 8.0 ppm so they are using straight river and  are not blending at this time. The reservoir is almost full and they are pumping river water into the reservoir.


Elgin Region

There are no drought related problems reported in the Elgin Region.  The Fox River flow is currently below normal, but expected to increase over the next 48 hours.  


Champaign Region

The primary concern in this Region is Altamont, however a considerable volume of water still remains available.  As of March 9, 2006, the reservoir was down 81.5  inches after ranging from ‑ 75 " to ‑ 78".  If water level drops an additional 10 inches, the top intake will be exposed and a conservation request will be issued.  (Altamont has received 0.55@ of rain overnight with heavy rain currently occurring/ operator will provide me an update on Monday with new information.  Potential exists to gain several inches of lake level.)  As of March 6, 2006, Lake Bloomington has risen 6.8 feet since the low level last fall (Lake currently down 4.8 feet).  Evergreen Lake has dropped 0.4 feet (Lake currently down 5.8 feet)  to pumpage but the combined reservoir volume is more than 5 billion gallons (> one year supply).  Bloomington anticipates full reservoirs by the spring.  All other surface water supplies are in at least satisfactory condition at this time.


Springfield Region

New Berlin is the primary concern in the Springfield Region.  The New Berlin reservoir is down 126 inches.  The New Berlin reservoir has dropped eight feet in the last six months.  At the current rate of decline New Berlin has an estimated ten months left of capacity.  New Berlin discontinued bulk water sales as of January 1,2006.  The Ashland reservoirs continue to be watched; however they currently have an adequate supply.  The new reservoir is down four feet and the old reservoir is down six feet.  These levels are unchanged from the last report.  The Canton reservoir is down 70 inches.    Voluntary water conservation continues with emergency wells placed into service Nov. 1st (the wells pump into the reservoir).  Springfield reports a lake level of 556.70 inches (virtually unchanged from last month=s report).   The Palmyra‑Modesto reservoir is down four feet.  Carthage is down 66 inches and has increased the amount of water purchased from their interconnection with Hamilton.  All other surface water supplies are in at least satisfactory condition at this time.


Collinsville Region

Rainfall in the area remains adequate, there are no drought related problems reported in the Collinsville Region.


Marion Region

The only systems in the Marion Region that have not recovered to normal winter levels remain to be Vienna and Vienna Correctional Center.  Water levels at Vienna and Vienna Correctional Center have benefitted from recent rainfall.  Although no contacts were made at the time of this report this area had just received 4+ inches of rainfall over the past 24 hour period with more predicted over the next 4 to 5 days.  Systems have been previously notified to communicate to the Marion Office situations of water levels below normal seasonal levels.  Levels are not currently critical.

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