International and Domestic Energy Policy
Implications for Illinois

Recent Energy Policy Discussions Have Been Dominated By Several Issues

In the Wake of the September 11 Attacks,
Questions Have Been Raised About the Security
of the Nation’s Energy Infrastructure

Policy and Program Implementation Have Not Yet Caught Up to the Needs

 Long-Term Investments in Energy Infrastructure Security Have Not Yet Been Implemented By Government or Private Sector Organizations

Debates Are Underway as to How to Improve
Energy Infrastructure Security

In Illinois, Recent Incidents Illustrate
The Potential Impacts
of an Energy Infrastructure Disruption

There Is Concern About
U.S. Dependency on Imported Oil

Oil Price Spikes Have Been Identified
As Indicators of Future Economic Problems

There Have Been Numerous Speeches, Commentaries, and Studies on Reducing U.S.
Dependence on Foreign Oil

While the Debate Continues Between
Increasing Supply and Reducing Demand, 
Neither Has Been Achieved

Illinois Accounts for  3.5%
of the National Petroleum Consumption

Illinois Is a Major Oil Consumer
on a Worldwide Scale

Of Special Interest in Illinois Is the Recently Released USEPA Staff Report
on the Use of “Boutique” Gasolines

International Climate Change Negotiations
on Reducing Emissions Have Progressed
Without U.S. Participation

The Seventh Conference of Parties
Is Currently in Session in Morocco

The U.S. Is Seeking Alternative Means of Participating in the Climate Change Debate

On the Domestic Front, California’s Crisis Has Focused Attention on the Electric Power System

Illinois Is Blessed with an Abundance of Options
for Electric Power Generation

Limitations in the Transmission System May Become the Most Significant Issue for Illinois

Energy Price Volatility Has Become
a Major Issue Nationwide

There Is Some Concern that Energy Price Volatility Will Mimic Other Commodity Markets
in the Long Term

Policies to Dampen Price Volatility
Are Controversial

The Administration Has Proposed
a National Energy Policy with Key Elements

…Key Elements…

Congress Has Not Yet Completed Action
on the Energy Plan

Some Projections Can Be Made With Respect to International and Domestic Energy Policy